Mobile First

What's the point of a rehab calc if you have to struggle to input your data? Our calculator was built mobile first and is based off of yes or no questions to allow you to never miss a detail.

True Calculator

What good is a rehab calculator that requires you to enter in the cost of materials and the the cost of labor? We do the hard work for you, so you need to only say yes or no.

Get the Details you Need

Our calculator will lay out the primary factors to consider when investing in a home. Provided the cost and time for rehab, the ARV, and every avenue for savings, we make investing fun again.

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Why do I need this?

We know how difficult it can be to get into investing, and we also all understand how difficult it can be to own a home and need to budget in repairs, all while trying to understand what cost makes sense. So, use Nailed-It, get the best estimate, and use your time better.

Who are we?

We are real estate investors and researchers who found a flaw in the services provided to new investors. The free tools were useless and the paid tools were simply excel spreadsheets. So, we wanted something that would help us, and thought we would share. Enjoy!

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Next Steps...

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