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Nailed-It is the first property rehab calculator that you can easily operate on your phone and will estimate your expenses down to the penny!

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Understanding Nailed-It


Property Details

Nailed-It has simplified all of the math required to calculate your rehab costs down to primarily yes/no questions, so all you need to know is basic property information.

Understand Your Project

Easily see every cost associated with your project. Nailed-It will even help you account for a general contractor, should you need some support in performing your rehab.

Visualize All of Your Costs

Nailed-It provides you with a detailed breakdown of every cost that you have selected, which you can email to yourself for a quick statement of work that you can send to contractors for your quotes.

Never Forget an Expense

Nailed-It was built for your phone, so you can bring it with you to your property and easily scroll through each section to allow you to quickly and accurately analyze your project.