Tally as you Go

  • Never forget a repair or miss an upgrade;
  • Don't do math in your head, all costs are calculated and recorded for you;
  • Know your profits before walking out the door.

Property Information

Name and categorize every calculation so you never lose a deal!

Never Miss a Repair

Never worry about missing a repair or not thinking of something, we have covered every square inch of a property to help you get an accurate estimate, every time.

Simple to Use Interface

Don't worry about inputting difficult numbers or wasting time on technology you don't understand. We have designed everything to support a simple yes or no check box. If you can turn an alarm on your phone on, you can calculate a rehab project!

Never Lose Your Profit

We ensure to highlight any field that you have filled out, so you can make the determination as to what repairs are needed and where can you save money.

Get a Quote Instantly

By the time you are leaving the property, you will have a detailed statement of work that you can shop with contractors.


  • What is Nailed-It?
    Nailed-It is designed to be a tool used by homeowners, real estate investors, and realtors in order to provide a quick and accurate estimate of the costs associated with a rehab project.  Nailed-It is a rehab estimation calculator that provides mobile capabilities and region-specific pricing in order to give you the most convenient and accurate rehab estimates. Rehab projects can range from redoing a kitchen to entire gut job and Nailed-It can help you accurately estimate costs in your area.
  • Why would I need Nailed-It?
    Have you ever been walking around a potential investment property and asked yourself how much it would cost to replace all the electrical components?  Nailed-It is able to help you understand the costs of the home renovation projects. Learn More ››